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A CEO (chief executive officer) the top leader of the company, Recommendation Letter would be written by another respected CEO or someone in a high-level administrative position in a company or corporation. CEO Recommendation Letter can be written by almost anyone. Here you can download CEO Recommendation Letter Template.

A CEO is a head or the topmost leader of any company who has the major operating power of any company or the business organization. As the name suggests chief executive officer the CEO enjoys the supreme powers for the execution of the several types of the tasks. 

This is the highest position of the company which is granted by the major shareholders of the concerned company or the organization. CEO has the fixed tenure of serving any organization and after the period of tenure, it is replaced by some other CEO as per the board meeting decision. 

The CEO recommendation letter is the one in which a person or the employee of any organization is promoted or recommended to be the CEO of the company. This recommendation can be made either by the existing CEO or by the shareholders of the company as their direct choice for the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. 

Here in this article, we would discuss the several kinds of the Chief Executive Officer recommendation letters, which can be written by the shareholders of the company or by some other officials of the organization who have such power of making the recommendation.

You would also be provided with the several kinds of problem templates, using which you can write this letter very easily and with a formal outlook.

CEO Recommendation Letter Template

While writing the CEO recommendation letter the very first thing, which is required is the format or the medium on which you can write this letter.

As it is a fully formal letter thus you would be needing a suitable kind of medium, on which this letter can be written easily and this is when you have to create the decent template for this recommendation letter on your own.

Creating the template for this letter on your own will cost you some decent amount of time and efforts but with us, you would be free from both of them. We are here providing you the printable template of this CEO recommendation letter, which you can easily print from here. 

Using this template you would just have to write the recommendation letter on it, and nothing else more preparation. This template is having all kinds of usable formats such as the Excel,PDF, Word, Doc etc you can get the one as per your preference.

CEO Recommendation Letter Template

CEO Recommendation Letter

This recommendation letter for CEO is going to be a very significant letter in the selection of the upcoming CEO for any organization. The letter can basically world as the direct voting in the favor of any person, who is being favored in the opinion of the ongoing CEO or the shareholders. 

So, as a shareholder or other person if you want to recommend any official of the organization as the CEO of the company, then here is how you can write this letter. 

  • Write the name of the organization at the top along with its address below.
  • Now in the salutation part, the letter should be addressed to the chairman of the organization. 
  • Make the salutation as the Dear Chairman with a name if you know the name else the “Dear Chairman” is fine.
  • Now in the main body of the letter make the recommendation for the person whom you want to see as the next CEO of the organization.
  • Clearly, state the name of the person in the letter to whom you are recommending.
    Mention the working experience of the recommended CEO and prove why and how the concerned person is the best choice for the CEO.
  • Write that you are really impressed with the execution capabilities of the recommended person which will make him/her as the best CEO for the growth of the organization. 
  • At the last end the letter with your regards and official signature at the end of the letter.

CEO Recommendation Letter

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