She then reads a poem she wrote about Mitch. Contents 1 Plot 2 Episode Span 3 Album Upon hearing the new evidence, the judge acquits Tom of the crime and dismisses the case. Duncan was the guinea pig for the Radio wave study. Connie isn’t sure about it; she says she feels like she’s dating the Pentagon with all the secrets. He also says that this is a spiritual battle and they need to treat it that way. Meanwhile, Whit stops by Surveillance City and discovers something he feared

adventures in odyssey novacom saga

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Jason calls Whit to compare notes. Whit declines Bart’s offer, wondering why Bart is suddenly so angry with the company. Charles demands Dent tell saa what the package was and where it was going.

Barry is confused, but the man insists that he must not come back. Jack and Joanne say their goodbyes and Whit and Connie adventurees alone at the church. Whit asks Mitch for the direct line to Jason. Or the camera that Jared ‘s dad had? Connie spots them, however, and waga Aubrey about it. She investigates and finds her dad praying.

At the same time, Connie waits anxiously on the computer for her mysterious contact. It says “Novacom transmission test The crowd is gathered. Jason gets a disk from Eugene and asks Walter to put it in the safe at the radio station. Whit and Jack arrive at the post office and Whit recognizes Monica.


Connie and Tom, of course, think this is an answer to prayer. Back in Odyssey, Whit and Connie get an urgent e-mail from Eugene. Sneed tells them he destroyed the house because he couldn’t help it.

adventures in odyssey novacom saga

Meanwhile, Whit finds that Novacom is a new company around town which just recently got their broadcasting license. AREM gives them another password, this time to a website section called “Special Projects” in which they find information about the Radio wave studythe same thing they found on the college site.

Jason tackles him and takes him to the hospital. He also reveals that Eugene sent a package the night before last from the post office.

Tyndale | Novacom Saga: 10 Hours of Action-Packed Audio Drama

Shanks, not being previously told this, and realizing the evil intent of Odysseyy, flew into a fury, and protested the action as much as he could. Whit looks around the shop only to find the Imagination Station has been stolen from the basement! After looking inside, they find Arthur Dent, who claims he saved the world!

Eventually, Andromeda went ahead and opened a new branch, Veil Industries. Whitfeeling like the worst is still coming, asks Jack to gather a group of people to adveentures. Jennings runs up to tell Whit that Arthur Dent is missing. Meanwhile in Chicago, Jack arrives at the airport with the package and meets Joanne.


Aubrey feels completely betrayed as she is taken to the police station. At the jail, Arthur Dent reveals that this was the day that Novacom would have gone global, launching their technology to towers around the world. Jason and Bourland adventured back at Novacom headquarters to find Mitch gone and a schedule with the worst news of all.

adventures in odyssey novacom saga

Views Read View source View history. Later, Alex heads over to Whit’s End to apologize to Whit and asks him about satellites.

Novacom saga

As if in confirmation, Charles tells Kevin Colburn that they got the Imagination Station and they didn’t need his help. He anxiously tells them that Novacom has bought BTV. Before Aubrey knows it, the two of them end up locked in the library!