Version the appweb library. Compile without using exceptions — further code size reduction. Added a new configuration directive ExtraPath that can be used in Location blocks to specify that a handler should perform extra path calculations. Fix errors in make install for missing users. Appweb 4 will be maintained with security updates and fixes until the end of

appweb 3.2.2

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Improve bit packing in Mpr and Http structures [issue ].

Improved debug trace for httpClient and the appweb servers. Select and pool management tasks run at elevated priority. Fix ESP with large scripts.

Enable compiler printf appaeb checking. Windows Messages, Unix select, dedicated thread Coding minimized as most features can be specified via the configuration file Cookbook of samples cut and paste to get going SMP safe Extensive debug trace logging.

This is instead of using dumpbin. Only re-create in views.

appweb 3.2.2

Fix EJS issue with unary minus calculations. Now supplying binary, documentation, development and source packages separately. Calls to mprError will always be enabled. Users wanting stability should continue to use the stable 1.


Embedthis Appweb Web Server 3.2.2-1 Cross Site Scripting

The Appweb default configuration is now secure-by-default. Improve robustness of bit versions. Fix for responses with large headers exceeding the default buffer allocations.

Renamed the old ESP pack from angular-mvc to esp-angular-mvc. Documentation updates for configuration and building.

“Appweb Web Server – Cross-Site Scripting” – remote – multiple exploits

Fixes Switch to use MakeMe, previously called Bit. Fix for building EJS without floating point. Please do not mine this list and create security advisories. Simplify generated client-side controllers Add routePrefix to package. Improve error messages for several error conditions to make diagnosis easier.

Search for hundreds of thousands of exploits

The mprLog API takes a tag words argument that can specify severity levels and classification tags for filtering the error log. The terminators are invoked twice to notify when the a shutdown is commenced and when the MPR is being destroyed.

Enhanced C-API Authorization Alpweb for modifying user and group auth details at run-time Added a fully static appweb program Experimental fFile apwpeb Nick again Minor Features “make install” for installing directly from source Support full static linking with Appweb libraries and building static versions.


Use –enable-c-api-client Removed SessionAutoCreate from the makefiles. The change log is now provided on GitHub at: Remove licenses 3.2. SSL stacks that are not included in the product. Improve VS building support Speed up build times Change appweb to continue on invalid configuration file directives rather than aborting.

appweb 3.2.2

Renegotiation is enabled by default. The EspDir directive can be used to modify the views directory. See the GitHub issue for details of the change. Was not testing for existence of cygpath correctly. The esp –flat switch is removed.

Fix for memory leak with CGI programs Optimize stack size for requests with very large output headers. Plenty of Nessus scan testing and longevity testing.