Now it depends on the PSP Game file type: Follow the steps and you will play the game in no time. The Sony press conference will take place on June 2nd at 11 AM, and we expect the Japanese hardware manufacturer to drop some major megaton news regarding their upcoming business plans. If the PSP Game file is. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

ctf themes for psp 5.03

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[GUIDE] Installing CXMB/ Installing CTF Themes for PSP 5.03 Gen (chickHEN CFW Enabler)

This is apparently because Advanced options are unavailable. Given me a lot of headache so i thought i’d post this so that other people using the same CFW can have an easier solution for this problem. Follow the steps and you will play the game in no time.

ctf themes for psp 5.03

PlayStation size storage updates Posted by ratetown on Ensure your profile has the correct settings by following the guide on our forums. How to install iso games on PSP?

This is done by pressing select on the PSP menu any one.

PSP CTF Themes Vol 1

Paste the folders into the root folder of the memory stick. E3 is just around the corner, and the industry psl is already chomping at the bit to get its hands on information about what secrets the conference will reveal. Now, choose one of your games anyonestart and exit it. Do You already have a PSP? Turn it on with the memory stick inside of course. Edit it so that there is just be a line: How to put games on psp 1.


Shadow of the Colossus PSP Announced – To accompany its even bigger announcement that a Shadow of the Colossus sequel is in development for the PS3, Sony will reveal a smaller handheld port of the popular franchise. Elsewhere, two custom character packages for Disgaea 3 creep onto the store, along with the second vehicle expansion set for Midnight Club Los Angeles.

Okay i do not really know what i am doing, but i am simply listing the steps i took to get CTF themes to work on my PSP 5.

For theems, all you need to care about is the plugins. Make sure you are running CFW. You can disable the theme: Try it out and leave your experience below.

Reset Device exits recovery menu. Size Matters makes the jump to digital format. That should be how you solve the problem.

How can i put ctf theme on psp?

Do NOT change the file name in the folder!!! I am NO expert concerning PSPs and stuff, but i’ll just list out the steps i took that helped me to get it working. Now it depends on the Themed Game file type: The recovery menu should look like this: Posted by ratetown on 6: Now Supporting the PSP!


Director’s Cut arrive on the service in The old PSP model will also get a price drop leading up to the release of the next hardware revision.

ctf themes for psp 5.03

If the psp game file extension is. Hope that this helps some people who faced this problem. We have some themes available here. Additionally, for those anxiously awaiting the arrival of Patapon 2, an assortment of pre-formatted trailers themws up for viewing on the store. Besides the aesthetic touches, the most significant change will be the addition of on-board storage for downloadable content – 8 or 16 GB in size.