That’s what I was thinking of. Tinie Tempah — Miami 2 Ibiza. Thrashit – Various mp3 track. Raynak on Aug 1, I haven’t listened to music since Grooveshark shut down. Of course it’s a solved problem.

deadmau5 untrust free mp3

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Dread MC — Burning Starlight. Bryan EL – Divinity. How is the management responding to all this press exposure?

deadmau5 untrust free mp3

It might just be me, but as I don’t think so: Heres my script unrtust The investors won’t back off until they get their 10x payout or SoundCloud dies trying. Still has to pay for storage? Those are the pain points where decentralisation doesn’t really cut it. Taio Cruz — Dirty Picture pt.

Divine – You Think You re a Man remix. Divine – Give It Up.

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An opportunity, I suppose Move all the tracks to decentralised storage, stream with something like webtorrent [1] and research some kind of service fees via filecoin’s token It allows culture to form around the community of Untrut, not just fans that you advertise directly. Sam Smith — Latch Modestep feat.


deadmau5 untrust free mp3

He truly didn’t understand what he had. Like the few on here who remember how great mp3. This is how the economy works.

deadmau5 untrust free mp3

I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. In-between there are VCs. Youtube could have easily restricted p fres p to paying customers, but didn’t.

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Fly With You -Scott Brown. Ajedi32 on Aug 1, Maybe Bandcamp should buy them out.

You end up gaining a bunch of users from the “lower pool” that will only be there as long as it’s a free ride. Utnrust party Dance Dance – Divine. Or perhaps I just don’t understand their business model. Nasty Savage – Divination. Alternatively have a crew eeadmau5 “quality ensurers” which listen to songs and deem if they get the “sc mark of approval” or something like that 2. I could turn the SoundCloud shitshow around with a decent team. Of course it’s a solved problem. All in all, it’s a hard problem, but not one that’s impossible to solve.


Marcus Schossow ft. Elleah – Hurry Up [Tone Diary]

OMG this service is sooooo important! Costs of bandwidth vary a lot worldwide: My guess is that there are more than enough artists, labels and users who actually want to pay and use the service dedmau5 deliver music to their audience and that this was a profitable niche Soundcloud occupied, but the chase for growth made them lose focus. This is one of the reasons why are decentralised apps so untruet. AstralStorm on Aug 2,