Double-clicking on it will open the editor. Hi Charles, yes, that auto-comment only seems to work in some places, and not for every function. BTW there is a manual inside org. Replace the value for doxygen. Eclox ECL is a broadband enhanced chemiluminescence ECL assay that can be used to qualitatively assess a water sample to determine whether it has been contaminated. Compiling Documentation and Presentations:


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Bug fixes for the first release GitHub!


And here my 1 helps me doing this. For example I have this in ecloox source:. The dot language makes it easy to create machine generated graphs too. And if the build history is empty, you will be asked for the doxyfile to build. In case this fails, then this link gives some guidance how to set the settings in a manual way. Some experiments suggest it does not work inside an if endif block. Or use any other HTML viewer:.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Then, create a doxygen project for it. Thanks for explaining this. When the documentation build starts, a new view showing the build log opens.

5 Best Eclipse Plugins: #1 (Eclox with Doxygen, Graphviz and Mscgen) | MCU on Eclipse

The Eclox plugin has a functionality which adds the brief etc. In the case the active part selection doesn’t correspond to a doxyfile, the last built doxyfile will be rebuiled.


This is your new doxyfile. Thanks, Biet Like Like. Is this plugin going to be available for Eclise version? The build toolbar action determine the next doxyfile to build depending on the current active workbench part editor or view and the current selection in that part.

5 Best Eclipse Plugins: #1 (Eclox with Doxygen, Graphviz and Mscgen)

Unsuccessful Installs in the last 7 Days: If not, you need to add it manually there. Doxygen needs a text configuration file the Doxyfile.

Sunday, September 29, – In some places the cool Eclos auto comment feature you describe works. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: I think there must be something wrong with your machine or installation. Because it is painful. The button automatically selects the Doxyfile of the current project. First you need to create a DoxyFile which is the configuration file by giving the source path and eckox output path.


Is this inside the project you want to document or where do i create the DoxyFile? Notify me of new comments via email.


Also the eclox site doesn’t seem to have any “getting started” guide. It is possible to document things outside the source files. I hope this helps. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Then a empty doxyfile will be created at the specified location, the wizard automatically adds the “.

At the moment I created the Doxyfile with Doxywizard and copied the Doxywizard into the project.