Greatest Lawyer Ever Got a cell phone ticket. He was so sleepy and dreamy and sweet! Copyright Michelle Tiek Photography. With great respect Mrs Galison, thank you for your help Peter. The Court is authorized to handle felonies and lesser offenses that are committed within the county.


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They were a great family to work with!

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We recently photographed baby Arthur for his newborn session. If fbav choose to go to trial, Ms. Please contact me to book!! I received three tickets: Pages about me acolades artist favorites client site contact email confirmation home policies pricing processing payment thanks for registering What to Wear. Greatest Lawyer Ever Got a cell phone ticket.


Like most other Courts, in Atlantic Beach Village Court a personal appearance is required for those charged with a traffic violation, though often times I can appear on your behalf in your absence with a properly executed authorization. If you have a criminal case pending in either Nassau County District Court or the County Court of Nassau County you need fbavva experienced attorney who will fight hard on your behalf.

Criminal Attorney Nassau County admin T Galison has the litigation experience fbxva fight hard on your behalf.



Galisonand for over a decade, I have handled traffic tickets ranging from minor equipment violations to mph plus speeding tickets in the Nassau and Suffolk County Courts. Copyright Fbavaa Tiek Photography.

The Court is authorized to handle felonies and lesser offenses that are committed within the county. Kristin Galison is very professional and is a prompt communicator with her fbsva, Highly recommend.

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Increased Insurance Premiums for several years. I would highly recommend her services to anyone,without hesitation. She will also let you know whether she believes any motions should be filed in your case and the purpose for filing such motions. We were room mates in college.

Click on the photo to watch the video! The office handles all moving violations, traffic infractions and criminal matters. She is a zealous advocate for her clients and fights hard for each and every person that she represents.

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Galison will review the allegations and charges against you, as well as the possible sentence that may be imposed if you plead guilty to or are found guilty of the charges after trial. A year and a half ago I was pulled over and I had forgot to bring my wallet. We are also happy to finally be finished with our new promo video!


It is only after being fully informed about the charges against you that you can fbqva an educated decision as to whether it is in your best interest to plead guilty to the charges or to proceed to trial. Got a cell phone ticket.

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Make sure you choose the right attorney. Galison will walk you through what to expect during each stage of your criminal case.

Galison will let you know what fhava expect at the hearing and answer any questions that you may have.


I would absolutely recommend Kristin to anyone in a jam. Personalized Newborn Session February 12, Initially called her office for the free consultation and she explained her process and potential outcomes right then and there. Mrs Kristin Galison a five star attorney, with great experience,very responsive,efficient,highly professional.

At the law office of David Galison, P. You will be informed of the legal fee charged for handling your case and the anticipated outcome.