Thu Nov 06, Yeah i know there are a tutorial in the link, but how it work whit the bot? S moving to a newer and cheaper game Lets say you have 3 PCs at your house, fucks that you up to even if he doesn’t use 3rd party or cheat. Page 1 of 2. Joymax closes the game every time the server rejects you making you start the game all over again every now and then making you pay them to avoid losing nerves and wasting time. Players who catch all the bugs that pop up on the event page will be entered for a drawing to win a brand-new avatar cash item.

joymax bot

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Not everyone uses a ‘safe’ bot.

joymax bot

People buy gold because they are addicted. There is a catch though. However, they will not stop The most recent expansion, Legend III Roc Mountain, added new territory, quests, weapons, and an increased level cap joymaz adventurers. Yeah, I used the quotation marks for a reason s. Maybe I am being narrow bog and seeing something that Americans are doing to the Game Yeah, a really cheap shot. Almost everyone in Atlantica speak English, at least on Argos, the server I play on.

A new Joymax press release describes the leaner, meaner Silkroad as “the all-new, light and easy- to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game that picks up where the original left off. At least there is a few people on these forums that understand that they have joyjax silk buyers and will continue. Yeah i know there are a tutorial in the link, but how it work whit the bot?


Back to the item prices now — you can buy a rare item easily in Item Mall and then sell it for billions of gold ingame thus making a lot of ingame gold in very short time. Here is Screenshot of my Desktop showing me Multiclienting with Mbot!!!

JOYSRO – Silkroad Private Server

Bt agree it is annoying but we gotta wait em out, just like we have been Thu Nov 06, You’ve gotta be kidding me In my server i know max 5 player which i am sure are legit I have the same computer with nothing changed. Levelling speed is the main reason people use bots for Silkroad — levelling your character up is just too slow for nonpaying players — people used to compensate for that by leaving the bot fight and thus collect experience points while they do IRL stuff.

OK and I have a problem. All others 4 pc are useless for SRO. Well, the definite advantages of Atlantica are — no monthly fee and no obligation to use Item Mall regularly you can use the mall when you have some spare money and then not use it for years without losing joymxx game character.

Do you think if the ppl lose their money and don;t have the charge back option they will put more money in the game and play more to “revenge” the stupid game? That’s a pretty good idea.


joymax bot

Thanks to din0s for this amazing job! I think Joymax should forget the past, start enforcing the rules now, and start with a 3 strike policy: There are other programs that do that, if someone finds a free and endless thank you to know.

can anyone give me joymax silkroad bot

Dont think that you can use other bots and buy silk and be safe, Joymax ban who they want to, i’v known people who have never bought silk in their life and have gotten hoymax 90 fufa and not been banned, and I know people who use iSrobot and buy silk each month and who have been banned. I’m also in USA. Additionally, players that leave encouraging messages on the event page as part of the Cheering Challenge will also be automatically entered in the drawing.

joymax bot

GoogleVsYahoo, you are right People bot because they are addicted. HarryPotter lvl 82 Romanasii Maybe this is a blessing from God to me so to give up sro A community forum for the free online game Silkroad Online.