Since my upload speeds are much better than my almost non-existent download speed never come to stay in my country, I’ve forewarned you , here they are anyway. Thank goodness V6 and Tokio were there too. Hence, I decided to scan them myself. You will stop and the world will carry on. It was looooong but worth the watch.

kimaguren life mp3

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With their singles doing so well last year, their faces looked as bright as a bubble.

kimaguren life mp3

I assume the two small blue ‘monsters’ represent Kimaguren the ki,aguren monster from Sesame Street, if my memory serves me right, looks like that? Puzzle song is so pretty, especially the lyrics. That would be every artist’s dream to make a song like that, a song that not necessarily makes the most money or win the most awards, but a song that remains in people’s hearts.

I think it is a very cool idea for a PV.

Collaboration between Yuzu and Kimaguren. So now I’m late. Anyway, on to the fun stuff: I really like this 15s clip showing them having fun at the studio together. And because of that, someone had the full episode so she kindly cut out Yuzu’s part for me too!! Watched the countdown kimagurren. I’m not too keen on using western models as graphics, although they are pretty and very artistic I don’t deny.


kimaguren life mp3

I assume their voices on Shounen Club Premium were altered somewhat, because they sounded too perfect. But unfortunately not many people do: One day, you will die. Thank goodness V6 and Tokio were there too. Don’t get me started on kimagjren stress this semester has become. It was looooong but worth the watch.

Life line serial title song

Solo lines in the beginning and at the end. Sadly the uploader has disabled embedding. The bungee jumping clip was awesome!

Was suppose to spazz about this 2 weeks ago. Managed to get the entire 3 hour show from torrent at jpopsuki.


They will carry on for you. I just stuck to making a post about their new PV instead.

kimaguren life mp3

The radio will keep playing. But I guess some songs are like that. Log in No account? But too fake I feel, just not the feeling I’m looking for.

Kimaguren Life – download for free mp3 ringtone – listen to ringtone online

M3 you will be gone. He looked so handsome in everything. Others will shop, laugh and cry. And the perf was lovely. Every one knows the tune somewhat and it brings back some sort of memories.


Although Koyoma consoling Massu was too adorable to miss. Although Yasuda’s singing was weird as usual.