More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Twin brothers who are probably the youngest members of the crew. While generally a good person, he is rarely serious and likes to fool around, occasionally so on the expenses of others, unintentionally angering them. She appears to be somewhat interested in Kashira. The daughter of a local mayor, she is very concerned about the current state of Noah, especially considering the suppression and torture of dinosaurs that are kept as slaves.

kyouryuu boukenki jura tripper

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kyouryuu boukenki jura tripper

No reviews have been submitted for this title. A speaking Pteranodon and son of White Wing, passed leader of the rebellion. Ranked Popularity Members 1, These unlikely allies help them escape from soldiers, bandits, vicious dinosaurs, and fanatical priests.

None found, kyouryu some.

kyouryuu boukenki jura tripper

Initially, she is not very nice to the children, who are held captive in the palace, teasing them. A dutiful general directly under the king’s command, he opposes the church and instead deems the advanced technology of the children to be beneficial to his country.

During an excursion with the marine club, a group of children is transported to what is later revealed as the planet Noah, a strange world that fripper both human inhabitants on the scientific level of the middle ages as well as various types of dinosaurs.


Please try to provide big pictures of good quality! Tends to fall for girls easily and flirts around without hesitation. Retrieved from ” https: Kyouryuu Boukenki Jura Tripper. kyoruyuu

Komura, Toshiaki Episode Director. Twin brothers who are probably the youngest members of the crew.

kyouryuu boukenki jura tripper

You can also create new account by filling out the form. Wolf Sword Legend — Dancouga: Iyouryuu is God’s younger brother, thus following him around most of the time, yet it is hinted that he does not concur with the majority of his actions.

Kyouryuu Boukenki Jura Tripper

Develops feelings for Shachou towards the end of the series. Before uploading fan-art make sure that the artist would not mind using his or her images. However, since he is not very decisive, his tries of discussing over and voting on anything are usually undermined by the group. A typical meganekkoHakase is tech-savvy and intelligent.

Kyouryuu Boukenki Jura Tripper 恐竜冒険記ジュラトリッパー | jura tripper | Dragon, Anime, Animation

Aggression between the two oldest boys leads to a split in ranks, and a sneaky double cross plot. They get into conflict with General Mosar who is interested in their advanced technology and consequently have to flee from the king’s rripper as well as the priests who try to capture Zans, who incidentally koyuryuu the son of White Wing, the famous but passed leader of the rebellion. While he mostly acts foolishly selfish and gets the group in trouble, on rare occasions it is depicted that he actually does care for beings besides himself.


Carries a mirror and a comb with him wherever he goes. AutoRec Hakuouki Movie 1: He is very courageous, kkyouryuu and ready to take great risks in order to save his friends.

A young girl who is easily upset and tends to cry a lot.

Kyouryuu Boukenki Jura Tripper –

When she meets with the children, she decides to leave her hometown and later joins the rebellion. Anime and Manga portal. One more shy and frightful, the other more reckless.

On a number of occasions, he tries to betray the group by running away alone or with Hime, Asuka or his followers Snake and O-Taku, but mostly without success. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Kashira once remarks that he would like his brother to be as strong as her. This article needs an improved plot summary. A priestess who does not view technology as evil and therefore aids da Ponta in his studies.