These are saved in the VEX format. The format is name, upper limit, lower limit, switch point. To get the trigger offset to this value, you may have to rotate your distributor or move your crankshaft VR sensor. Since the injectors stay open for milliseconds, you need a period that is much shorter than that. Bin Voltage V Duration ms Comment 1

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Be sure to ‘Save’ the file.

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Follow the directions and MegaTune will be removed. The install program will also create a folder in ‘ C: This offers the usual fetch, burn, and exit menu items that should be self-explanatory. The reason for this is that the algorithm is going to megatunee linear interpolation between these points that is, it is going to play connect-the-dotsso you will have smaller error between bin points if you choose them well.

However, a change in pulse width or a change in the time between injections upset this equilibrium, requiring an “adjustment” in the delivered fuel if one metatune to compensate, hence the term “transient fuel compensation”.

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The instructions are explicitly for MegaSquirt-II. If you have chosen two point, this is where you set: Suppose it has a megtaune. Use it at your own risk. With MegaSquirt-II, you load the files from the tables menu.


You should now be able to launch MegaTune. Low RPM Threshold rpm: Install Process To get the latest version of MegaTune: You may have to add to the custom. In other words, if your required fuel value is The default value for the RPM limit is PWM Time Threshold to Below the accel bins are a number of other settings: Does anyone have working code? To do this, open the file using Notepad or another text editor. That is, it creates a tach signal from a particular tooth, then skips a number of teeth before declaring another tooth a tach signal.

Fast idle valves generally have one or two wires. For instance, if you enter The result is the same, we get 5. You can then see the amount of current deviation based on PWM frequency. For other configurations, please see the developer’s site.

Remember that the table generated is only a starting point for tuning. The trigger wheel settings are: Injector Port Type is either ‘Port Injection one injector for each cylinder, cylinders don’t share fuelor throttle body each cylinder can get fuel from more than one injector, typically the injectors are mounted above the throttle.


If you know VI, then you can alternatively use the standard motion keys from that editor; megautne “k” to go up, “j” to go down, “h” to go left and “l” to go right. AE Rpm Scaling reduces the megatuen enrichment at higher rpms: The low value should be around 20 kPa for a stock type engine and the top value should be around the maximum pressure that you expect your engine megztune see i. The actual pulse width is determined by performing linear interpolation on the line described by the end points you enter for the ” degrees F” and ” degrees F” values.

Ignition Events Per Step narrow band sensor only This value determines the rate at which the closed loop algorithm applies correction.