The internal fan makes a noticable noise which I suppose on the bright side indicates it is working fine. Bay for Sony Radeon 9. Noontec v8 firmware upgrade mother-list of the choices of. This site uses cookies to customize user experience. Your search for Movavi Video Converter 8. They are nice to have but certainly in no way cripple the Noontec V8. For both types of media there is a delay while the decoding kicks in before you could select the files to play.

noontec v8 nas firmware

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The V8 supports most of the standard interfaces available today so you can hook it up to external devices that complement what could be your home entertainment center. Other options are available to customise the playing of movies, photos and music but they are optional as the unit will work immediately with an optional internal hard disk or USB drive plugging into one of the two USB ports.

However when I started to explore the device a bit more and consult the manual, it turns out to be quite a decent little unit.

Keyboard input is a curious hybrid of onscreen “almost qwerty” keyboard and the numeric keypad on the remote. Walkaround As expected it takes no time to connect the Noontec V8 to the television and getting started. You must complete all levels to unlock “Custom”. FAQ, unlockables, Family Guy.

The storage compartment is accessible by opening the cover visible in the front and plugging in the hard disk drive through its SATA interface inside. Overall, I must say the design is just too simple yet it looks great and elegant. The “almost qwerty” keyboard is a reference to noontrc layout where the middle of the keyboard is split by the OK, CAPS, left arrow, right arrow and Shift keys.


Whilst I initially thought that it does not even have proper network support it turns out to be there, just buried in an extra layer on the remote or front panel. There doesn’t seem to be a way to connect directly to a specified share, rather it connects to the top level and allows you to browse all shares that are present, subject to access control on the server side. I roamed around several gadgets firmward in the city, but unfortunately it appears no one is selling this locally. It has a simple setup process, essentially nothing if your network is handing out IP addresses.

Lonely Planet West Africa Ebook. Driver Genius Pro v8 Keygen. This is the title of your second post. A9 Smart TV Box. The utilitarian theme continues when the Noontec V8 is fired up.

Unlike the other two units the Noontec MovieHome V8 main unit itself has eight buttons plus the power button, allowing full operation of the unit even without the remote control.

Support and Warranty Assistance | Noontec –

Instead it will happily display all files that are supported in the storage location of your choice. The internal fan makes a noticable noise which I suppose on the bright side indicates it is working fine.

noontec v8 nas firmware

The video and picture file displays is particularly nice as it checks the bandwidth first and displays a preview of the movie as you scroll through each file.

The support noohtec AD authentication is great, but my personal perference is for the V8 to be able to map directly to the share path to make it simple for firmwsre end user. Battlefield 2 Modding Tools. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For starters, the Noontec MovieHome V8 NAS Media Player is yet another entertainment appliance specifically designed to carry most, if not all, of your multimedia files into a single location.


He’s the brainchild and ninja of a Cebu-based digital agency, TekWorx.

Noontec MovieHome V8 HDD Media Player – Reviewed

There are definitely some deficiencies on the firmdare side that could be improved in a updated firmware release. I Accept Read More. Noontec v8 firmware upgrade mother-list of the choices of. No separation of different media types which is not so much a gripe but a design feature. They are nice to have but certainly in no way cripple the Noontec V8.

noontec v8 nas firmware

A few minor issues were encountered, none of them can be considered to be show stoppers. It can be confusing for someone non-technical to browse through everything including hidden file shares which normally does not get displayed on a standard system.

The codec support does not appear to be as extensive as some other units, but the native Real Media support is a definite plus for those who have a need for it.