It’s not easy to find such things. I just finally downloaded 1. The linux version seems to work pretty well even on newer linux distributions like e,g, Linux Mint Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Ok, i now have the 32bit Windows and Linux offline installers for the v1. Activate the Harmattan box.

qtsdk-offline-win-x86-v1 2 1

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Hallo, I found a mirror with the Mac version.

Kinda funny – in a weird way – part of that folder structure “fremtiden” means “the future” in Danish. I will PM you the repo link, so you can try it out. Ok, here’s an idea — try going to this FTP Test website https: I only have the linux and windows versions of the offline installer package.

How to refresh the cache?

qtsdk-offline-win-x86-v1 2 1

To develop such applications, download and use Qt SDK version 1. I tried googling, no success. The current page could have changed in the meantime.

Index of /mirrors/qt/nokia_qt_sdk/Qt SDK 1.2.1/

So, if you want a full Qt installation with a Maemo toolchain and all, try out an “offline” version of SDK 1. Now i whant write some code, but I’m delete this image mounths before, becouse I am extreamly needed disk space. I think the easiest way to accomplish this currently is to use the OpenRepos site see About Qtsdk-offlinr-win-x86-v1.


qtsdk-offline-win-x86-v1 2 1

Your email address will not be published. There is no option to install the emulator like with the online installer.

N9 developer site down, download link SDK gone [Archive] – – Talk

I mean, I don’t even know what to do with all of these. Some parts of the cache could not be refreshed. If the problem qtsdk-offline-wni-x86-v1 hostname resolution, try with the IP I resolved it for you: But coding with x86 computer is more comfortable than more iteration of coding on PC, copy to phone, debug, coding on PC, copy to phone Done Building dependency tree Reading state information Qtsdk-ffline-win-x86-v1 also have one fresh installation of Windows Vista bit Home Premium.

In short, Nokia really did not want to help folks develop software on older versions of Symbian. Click the play button to compile and run TestApp2 on N9.

Install QtSDK 1.2.1 with the offline installer

Activate the Harmattan box. I’ve personally never done any GTK development, but there are a wiki pages that describe how to set up http: D I removed all but the Harmattan PR1. I would guess that harmattan-dev. The tool chains for developing applications using Qt 4. Or it is unfortunataly deleted by Nokia without revert? So, I tried downloading the 1. A nice mirror for a lot of qt sdk versions: However, after investigating a bit, I discovered that version 1.


BTW, any chance of also adding the Nokia Qt v1. And for qtsdk-oflfine-win-x86-v1 Microsoft company it would be contra productive if they support an older, better, none Microsoft OS.

That way, in the worst case scenario we could theoretically route our hosts files to a localhost mirror. The following packages cannot be authenticated!

qtsdk-offline-win-x86-v1 2 1