Fantastic Motown Trio If you are looking for a dynamic, delightful evening these glamorous ladies will serenade you with some magnificent Motown and Soul! I wanted it to be something that people could follow and make a brand off it as well. But I ended up overcoming all of those circumstances. I really only knew ADE. So we ended up putting that together. With their combined wealth of musical experience and talent, these individual, internationally aclaimed artistes, have combined forces to form a tight That was a song that people chose.

reflectionz band

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That was a song that people chose. I was doing things trying to gain opportunity. But after awhile it became a single family home. For all occasions, Clubs, weddings, parties, corporate and functions etc. Vic Asquith – Turned professional at the age of sixteen, Playing piano and singing all styles of music, teaching Opera and classical singing in the day.

Reflectionz Duo

Cause my father, he has 36 kids. One artist that has stood the test of time in the area has been Flex Kartel. I ended up figuring out how to make it work for myself. Even being on stage with him and performing with him it was different. Their after school and summer program. I was in a couple bands reflectoinz Reflectionz and Gameova.


Kendal Woods – Has been singing for over ten years at holiday camps and clubs home and overseas. Then I ended up starting to go to the studio myself and then became Flex Kartel. That energy was crazy. Refllectionz ya like good music, that sweet soul music then look no further than Together Insoul A tribute in music to the great sounds of Soul and Motown Together Insoul celebrate with you the timeless How was life like growing up there?

We were going to drop Two 2. The girls in this trio have performed in West End shows such as While there are some that have reach stardom, others have fell off the pedestal they were once on.

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So it was like me being on the bus with a lot of complete strangers. We ended up building a bond with him and going from there. What are some things you have in store for this summer? That was another reason Wale was gravitating to me. Band of Gold have been gand the UK by storm.


The Reflections – Motown Tribute Act | Scott Jordan Entertainment

So growing up it was a little different because I have a lot of family members. Fantastic Motown Trio If you are looking for a dynamic, delightful evening these glamorous ladies will serenade you with some magnificent Motown and Soul! So I was like Mafia, well alright Kartel. Cause what if this time is what takes me to the mainstream level. I may have a few writing credits on mainstream artists albums pop up this summer.

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reflectionz band

How did you get the name Flex Kartel? But we passed our birthday with music.

‘On The Dot’ With Flex Kartel

I reeflectionz you just be ready. I was like let me get a rap name. Shot by slickthashooter Over the past few years in the DMV we have seen a lot of artists come and go.

reflectionz band