Due to popular demand, the RoboMind scripting language now lets you define variables. Double-click a tab to minimize the menu bar. The frontIsClear , leftIsClear , rightIsClear commands now not only tell you if an adjacent location is empty, but even how many cells are clear in that direction. Sparki export for Mac OS X Proper auto-formatting of code that contain operators Stability improvements when running certain scripts. Have a look RoboMind’s installation folder: Generate an infinite amount of maze worlds. Of course you can still use things like this in your script:

robomind 4.3

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Due to popular demand, the RoboMind scripting language now lets you define variables.

Generate maps with walls to form a text of your choice. New in RoboMind Overview of versions. To better keep track of what instruction is executed in difficult parts of the code it is possible to go through the code step by step. This results in a faster, and more secure experience. RoboMind can run 43 faster.

It is easier to solve problems in your script thanks to the new debugging tools.


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When you start to run a correct script, shortly a balloon is shown to animate that Robo is storing your script in his Mind. When you opened the remote control, hit the middle mouse button somewhere in the map, and Robo goes to the indicate place if it robominnd possible.

By clicking the red circle again. Some major features are added in RoboMind 2. RoboMind is ready for to conquer the world, because it now supports English.

What’s new

Take a look at the documentation for more info. Find out more about this robot at the Arcbotics website.

robomind 4.3

Read the license for more details. RoboMind is now available in Bulgarian, thanks to Anton Ouzounov.

To celebrate RoboMind now also runs in the cloudthe world now shows Many small bugs has been fixed along with many small improvements:. Have a look RoboMind’s installation folder: Listen to Robo beeping and buzzing as he’s moving around the environment.

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Many improvements, such as: Scripts, maps and preferences are now stored in the user profile for easier installation in networks. The entire development environment became free and open source.

robomind 4.3

By clicking the red circle again, When hovering the line numbers when execution is paused, it shows the procedures being called and the values of all variables.


RoboMind is now available in: A new concise search bar improves quickly browsing your code rboomind style. This version roboimnd also: Also the robot can perform random behaviour with the new command flipCoin. So how many squares the robot actually moved until it bumpedor if a pickUp succeeded.

The interface now has an up-to-date Ribbon menu. By default a procedure returns zero, but you can explicitly return a desired value. To make simple programs even simpler, basic commands now have default arguments in case they have any. This version finally removes the need for a license file.

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This can be very useful when you want to make your robomins do a lot of work! Change the looks of Robo to your likings.

robomind 4.3

RoboMind is now available in French, thanks to Olivier Lemaitre.