The easiest way to get Tcl on a windows machine is to install the ActiveTcl distribution from ActiveState. An interesting perspective on its traffic appears at http: The danger of forward incompatibilities with ged and the sciGUI help has to be taken into account. When pressed, the application exits. TCL also having same archive server we called it as Teacup.

tcl 8.4.14

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TCL code to read a following file http: For instance to get a better performance: Version Notes Release Date 8. Introduced expansion syntax, dictionaries and ensemble commands.

Well, here it is in a neat Tcl program: ActiveState Platform accounts can also provide you with the technical support you need so you can save time and get to market faster. Run the installer which will result in a fresh install of ActiveTcl usually in the C: On Linux this page is perhaps still useful see at the bottom of this page. Enter “info patchlevel” to check the version of tcl that was installed and it should display an output of the form “8.


Tiny games and demos – Once you have a basic design, it is easy to change the theme and come up with a different looking application.

ActiveTcl | ActiveState

With a lively discussion of all imaginable details. But that is not the point: Tcl ActiveState maintains binaries distribution and development tools http: First release by Tcl Core Team. It gives the string argument Hello, world!

This is really very cool!

ActiveTcl Release Notes

Introduced object system and non-recursive execution engine. PDF – Download tcl for free. When pressed, the application exits.

tcl 8.4.14

Compared to what above, it is really no big deal. Work on the compilation of the svn snapshot under linux is still under progress, and often the build fails, or the result is partially functional.

Thanks to Arjen Markus for his weekly reports on the Wikis: Convenient, worry free access to Tcl 8. New Modules Included in ActiveTcl 8. Although software development use is permitted for free using our latest Community Edition versions, use of legacy builds beyond development use will require an ActiveState Platform account.


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A Tk-enabled shell 8.414 started as: Orphan of the week or questions nobody answered yet: Develop once and deploy successfully across your production environment. TCL also having same archive server we called it as Teacup.

Since these are constantly changing versions, no guarantee is granted for the future. Worked like a charm for me.

tcl 8.4.14

Linking Scilab with Tcl Tk 8. Cooking recipe Scilab 5. The “Welcome to comp.

tcl 8.4.14

On linux, with the newest Tk you additionally gain rendering with many more nice antialiased fonts.