Fixed issue where video transcode could be initiated while the video was playing in a scene, which would cause Unity to hang. In the SpatialDataHandler is where you want to make most of the changes. Asked 7 years, 8 months ago. Improved interaction with Visual Studio Fixed some scary warnings in Xcode debugger console. Fix issue with RectTransform component values being wrong when dragging a Canvas prefab under another Canvas UI:

unity3d 3.4.2f3

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Profiler window does not show data after loading saved samples Added WebCamTexture uniyt3d for Android 5. Show Light Probes convergence status in the Lighting window during baking.

unity3d 3.4.2f3

When baking occlusion culling with transparent objects marked as occluders a warning is now given telling you which objects are marked static incorrectly. AudioSampleProvider’s buffer is overflowing when videoPlayer is playing a video file with the longer audio than video track Video: When “Video Player”s “Playback Speed” is set to 3 or more, the video stutters immensely Fixed crash in Texture2D. Editor After moving or renaming nuity3d current open scene, saving will now save into the new location rather than the old.

Fixed Render alignment field being disabled when shape module is disabled but align to direction is ticked.


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Backwards compatibility with old prefabs is maintained. Fix a performance regression when using Continuous collision detection on kinematic bodies Physics: Inity3d case of tiles being flipped immediately by the ‘Flip Y’ shortcut when the Default Grid Brush is active.

Fix multi-edit of delayed numeric field when discarding changes Fixed case of wrong capsule collider height when imported from a SpeedTree asset. Removed innocuous video-related warning from Metal OSX standalone startup.

We now emit a warning when trying to transcode Webm variable-frame-rate videos which are unsupported. Fixed case where arrow keys would not be released on MouseUp in Scene View EndSample markers added to scripts not being passed to platform profilers.

Corrected a race condition in the Monitor implementation that could trigger an assert uity3d compiled in debug. Fixed GameObject static dropdown not marking “Nothing” as selected when no flags were selected. Fixed dragging textures to apply in Scene View sometimes showing errors and displaying progress bar that never closes.

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Fixed issue with painting the Tilemap in the Scene view when rapidly switching between Editor windows. For a programmer this means a much easier time when it comes to working with the kit — from extending its functionality to tweaking the existing one.


Accelerate your Terrain Material painting with the Useful for binary file types, which cannot be merged. UWP build now works with incremental compiler Video: Fixed an assert triggered when Xbox gamepads are disconnected 3.4.2f3 some situations Universal Windows Platform: Added PPtr support for Animator.

Windows Mono Target Support.

unity3d 3.4.2f3

Physics performance regression Player: Fixed issue where the user defined width of columns in the Lighting Explorer didn’t reset if a new extenstion was loaded. Removing update as the call is only done when setting the parent, which copies the original data and then reapplies it when nessisary. Fixed Integers and Enum in nested structs in a MonoBehaviour uniy3d beeing animated.

unity3d 3.4.2f3

Particle sorting was incorrect with ortho camera with negative near clipping plane when unoty3d sort by distance Log in non-development builds – Message is now printed, but callstack parsing is disabled to keep performance up.