Incorrect processor package identifier thanks Karol O. The log files are tab separated text that can be view in notepad hence the. Additional security related policies and settings. Added account name and file path to the Services category. Anyone ever took time to review the code of this tool?

winaudit freeware v2.29

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WinAudit – User reviews from Snapfiles

Your choice of DBMS and database name are shown under the window’s title. Package Name The name of winauxit package from which the software was installed. Group Type Either a local or global group. Driver Version The version of the software driver used to control the device.

You can e-mail it to your technical support or even post the audit to a database for archiving. Top-gun sysinfo program even for non-geeks by Stepan May 04, Read all my 11 reviews. When doing so please be sure to include WinAudit in the subject otherwise your message will be automatically deleted.

winaudit freeware v2.29

Path The local path to the shared resource. Asset Tag The asset tag of the processor. Error Detecting The method used by the controller to detect for errors in data such as 8-bit parity or CRC.


An example would be trying to read a file for which a user does not have sufficient privileges. Disk Number A number to identify the disk on systems with multiple disks. This file is created by the operating system and allows it to handle quantities of data to large too for the physical memory.

User interface visual and presentational style changes. wimaudit

Freewrae, enter the database’s name into the box. Port Name The port to which the printer is assigned. In general, neither you nor us will receive notification that this has happened. Product Name The product name as described by the manufacturer.

WinAudit User Reviews

Improved handling of non-Latin characters. Those results are then merged with software title from the Microsoft Installer. Manufacturer The manufacturer of the device or possibly a ‘standard device’.

winaudit freeware v2.29

Cons none i saw Summary Win Audit is the best utility that i have seen for getting information about your computer, the information you get is so much, it can get a little overwhelming, but in a good way if your a tech head like me. Local Groups A list of local groups to which this account iwnaudit. Description An administrative description or comment about the computer. Windows Update Agent information added to Installed Software.


Idle Time The number of minutes for which the connection has been idle, i. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. Consequently, if the display is not turned on at boot time or if it is changed without a system re-boot, stale data may be presented.

WinAudit – The Portable Freeware Collection

All the software discussed below will be useful in one way or the other. Note, the recommended guidelines for installing software do not make provision for recording this date. This data, if present, was embedded in the file when it was created by its manufacturer. Driver Winaudkt The name of the software used to control the printer, typically the same name as for the printer. Remote Logons The number of times the user logged on via a remote session such as remote desktop.

winaudit freeware v2.29

Incorrect line colour in normal contrast mode. Missing hard drive details thanks Stephen R.