Taking photos, sharing documents, using Skype were close to their interests. The minimum guidance through the process was beneficial as it encouraged autonomy, teamwork and creativity; but, on the other hand, it made it harder to face some of the challenges we found e. Free Play, which allows the creativity. They found it interesting to form teams based on the favoured animals. Galutinis rezultatas sukurtas mokomasis filmukas “Pirkimas internetu”. However since the possibilities of opportunities are not similar, the performance scenes may not as equal as their intentions to be able to produce some outworks

zaidimu filmavimo programos

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They have learnt that sharing experiences as part of the learning process is enriching both for the one who gives and xaidimu the one who receives; it was another step for them to engage the activities.

Successful outcomes The scenario “Tell a story” was implemented, new technological tools were mastered, information about animal world according given tasks was gathered, and a story about a little seal was created.

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They have collaborated and shared, critisized other’s work. The stories can be reformulated. Tips and advice to other teachers. They have said that they are extremely emazed and learned from the activities.

Prohramos were presented with modern untraditional learning surroundings and situations, in which they became active, creative and motivated participants. Learning new technology, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, self awareness of globalization.


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The project was presented to the school community and Sea Museum staff. Maria in Castagnolo, Lastra a Signa Country: Tevfik ileri Secondary School Teacher: The performance of the scenario had too well differentiated stages: That makes the activities and contributions more effctual.

Personally owned devices are brought to the class BYOD by the students. The activities were the new ways to enhance learning and expand the horizons of students in an engaging and interactive way.

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A “walk-through” of the lesson Students evaluated how to deal with some software applications in addition to the benefits of observing their friends who also had similar experiences. Due to the higher level of performances forproducing the reflection of self as a inner values of students behaviour and values, seems more dominant in the courses.

zaidimu filmavimo programos

A “walk-through” of the lesson. It gives an overview on what happenned in the classroom and on the impact of these activities as analysed by the teacher. Our screen recorder is completely FREE! zaidi,u

Motivation was increased by the preparation of the prototypes for the final test. Every team discussed their gathered material, systemised, summarised and, presented their works. Three teachers from three different countries – Spain, France, and Portugal – share their stories on how iTEC Learning Activities have helped them in introducing the principle of innovation to their teaching practice. I learned about that if a program or web Aula innova – telling stories Spain.


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They are starting to learn the mentality of coding. The final testing of the prototypes was performed in the gymnasium.

zaidimu filmavimo programos

The students obtained new proframos, learning results were perfect. There is no doubt the learning process was engaging, exciting, effective, interesting and modern. A “walk-through” of the lesson The app consists of four games. There were 16 students in my pilot classroom. The students cooperated, helped to learn each other.

zaidimu filmavimo programos

Classroom workshop with machines, tools and materials Picasa or similar application for image processing. I learnt a lot from this project, would like to participate in such projects more.

They also point out that it is difficult to work in groups because you have to deal with a prograos of issues, but in the end, when they are solved, it is an optimal way of working.